A new business set up requires many things that a person may or may not be aware of. Most of the businesses are based on the entity type known as LLC (limited liability company) as this entity provides a great amount of flexibility to the business while providing protection to the owner of the business in various aspects. Each and every business have some shareholder’s ad investors who tend to gain profit from the business by investing some amount of money.

When these investors do not receive the profit that might happen due to business going in loss they tend to seize the personal assets of the business owner and LLC entity type provides protection against the personal assets of the owner in such cases. Hence, in case one is looking forward towards starting an LLC then one must know that filing for an ein number is a must. There are various other reasons that may require the need for a tax id number or an ein number and they are as follows;

  • Setting up a new business requires the owner to have a tax id number.
  • Hiring any sort of employees or already having employees.
  • Some bank accounts require ein for initiating banking services.
  • When a person changes business from one entity type to other then it needs to have an ein number depending upon the new entity type.
  • Setting up a trust, LLC, or getting in to a partnership over a business requires tax id number.

One can now apply for ein online as the entire process has been simplified so that people can file for the tax id easily and receive the ein number within a few days. The interference of a third-party designee in the entire process makes it easy for the clients to understand the entire phenomenon. The process to apply for ein online can be summarised in few simple steps that one needs to follow and the rest would be taken care by the third-party professionals.

  • Select entity- every business type is different and hence one needs to select the entity type that fits right with the business one owns. One can see the description by hovering on the various entity types or can click on an entity and read about the same. In case of any confusion one can talk to the professionals from the customer support and learn about the same.
  • Fill up the application form with some simple information. The form is simplified enough to be filled.
  • Pay the one time filing fees with the payment method that suits you the best.
  • The tax id number would be sent to the concerned applicant via email.

Following some simple steps and learning about the entity type is all one needs to do for getting an ein number issued by the IRS. One would receive the number after 8-10 days of filing the application form and documents as needed by the IRS.